Rowben’s Digital division has been in operation since 2013. Servicing Melbourne’s digital and marketing landscapes.

Over the past few years, we’ve recruited in all things Digital, connecting people with roles in Development, Production, Creative, Search and Analytics, Social and Content, Account Services, Public Relations, Communications, Media and Digital Marketing.

What makes us different from other digital recruiters out there?  We get to know you, and we’re in it for the long run.

We regularly check-in with our clients and candidates to build long-term partnerships.  This means we have a detailed understanding of what you want now, as well as what your needs might be in the future.

How do we find the perfect person for any digital venture?

We take the time to know our candidate markets and our industry. We network, we embed ourselves in the industry we deliver to, we organise and sponsor events, we’re out there and we talk to the right people.

We take time to know our clients, their wins and losses, their growth plan, their culture, their stories, their success. We do that by listening.

This process lets us build a detailed understanding of a business’ digital needs and how it operates.  We can then track down people using our extensive candidate networks to find a technically and culturally perfect fit for any digital project.  We do this in collaboration with Rowben’s dedicated Candidate Delivery team, which has established relationships with the best active and passive talent out there.

Our recruitment specialties are listed below.  As for the Digital team, you can find out more about their individual awesomeness on Our People page.


  • Development:
    Front End Developers, Back End Developers (.Net, PHP, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Sitecore, Umbraco), Mobile Developers, Technical Leads, Development Managers
  • Production:
    Digital Producers, Digital Project Managers, Head of Production, Head of Studio, Head of Digital, Digital Directors, Digital Strategists
  • Digital:
    Marketing Executives, Marketing Coordinators, Marketing Managers, Campaign Managers, Online Specialists
  • Creative:
    Graphic Designers, Digital Designers, Art Directors, Creative Directors, Design Directors, UX/UI, Creative Technologists
  • Search and Analytics:
    SEO/SEM/PCC Specialists, SEO/SEM/PCC Managers, SEO/SEM/PCC Directors, Data Analysts, Marketing Analysts, Campaign Analysts, Insights Analysts, Data and Insights Managers
  • Social and Content:
    Copywriters, Social Media Coordinators, Community Managers, Content Coordinators, Head of Content, Proofreaders
  • Account Services:
    Account Executives, Account Managers, Senior Account Managers, Account Directors, Group Account Directors
  • Media:
    Media Planners, Media Buyers, Media Assistants, Digital Planners, Offline Planners, Media and Trading Managers, Advertising and Media Assistants
  • PR and Communications:
    PR Account Managers, PR Managers, Events Managers, Communications Coordinators, Communications Directors, Sponsorships Coordinators, Sponsorships Managers, Brand Managers


Case Studies

  • After a boutique digital agency was left without a Front End Developer, Rowben’s digital team used its industry connections to immediately source two quality freelancers to start the next day.  Meanwhile, we searched for, and found, a cracking long-term replacement.

  • When a large, well-known retailer brought their digital marketing in-house, Rowben’s existing relationship and track record of delivery with the retailer saw us called in (as one of only two recruitment agencies) to expand their digital team.  So far, we’ve helped them grow from a team of 6 to 40 in just over six months — and this growth doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon.

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