I do… don’t I?  How to deal with a counter offer

You’ve made the decision to leave your current position.  The reason will vary from individual to individual – you need a new challenge, your current workplace can’t offer you further career opportunities, or you haven’t received a salary increase for years.

Good news – you’ve received an offer from a new organisation and it’s just what you’re looking for! It provides you with those opportunities that your current organisation doesn’t.

You go to resign and your current organisation suddenly – and miraculously – offers you that new project / career promotion / salary increase that you’ve been asking for.

How do you prepare for this?

As a starting point, you should think through the following questions:

  • What are your motivations for moving on in the first place? Write them down.  Is it money?  Career progression?  Growth?  A management opportunity?
  • If you’re seeking a salary increase, have you spoken with your manager already?
  • Do you really want to stay with an organisation that didn’t provide you with what you wanted until you said you were resigning?
  • How likely is it that you’ll find yourself in the same situation six months down the track?

Despite thinking through these questions and making the decision to move on, you might still find yourself presented with a counter offer.  We recommend that you:

  • have your resignation in writing
  • stand behind your reasoning
  • ask yourself – is the fundamental reason for my resignation being addressed with the counter offer?
  • make a hypothetical pros and cons list – in advance! Be prepared.

Ultimately, the decision to move on is a personal one.  They key is to know your motivations; make sure that’s what informs your decision to stay or go.

The Rowben Consulting Team – Recruitment Specialists.