Supporting Others

The people we employ at Rowben are a bit different.  They care about what happens at work, but also what happens outside of it.

Rowben does too.

Together with our employees, we’ve established the Rowbenites — a group of us dedicated to helping Rowben make a difference.

Many of the organisations we support have a direct connection with our employees.  They may have come across them in their global travels, been helped by them, or seen first-hand the benefits of their work.

Rowben is also proud to call Melbourne home, and with so many non-profits doing amazing work in our local community, we’re getting behind them too.

You’ll find more information about the non-profits we’re supporting below.  Please have a read about these organisations, the great work they do, and how Rowben is working with them to effect real change.

Support Others At Christmas 2016

Christmas Party for Specialist Children.

Sponsor 2016 - Supporter Logo - Rowben Consulting

The Rowben Consulting Giving Tree – Help Us To Help Others This Christmas



Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Rowben Consulting held a breakfast on Thursday 26th October in support of the National Brest Cancer Foundation. Joined by our team and valued friends we gathered to enjoy a warm breakfast and coffee to support this important cause.


Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) CCF Logo - Black Text_White BG

Our Director, Tracee, brought the work of this inspiring group to Rowben’s attention.

Founded in 2004, CCF’s focus is on education, childcare and healthcare in Cambodia’s most disadvantaged communities.  It’s committed to giving community members practical help to break the poverty cycle, including access to free medical clinics, nutritional food, education and other training.

At Rowben, we see the incredible opportunities that education and training can give someone access to every day.  That’s why we’re supporting CCF’s work.  We’re currently sponsoring a student through CCF to complete their Finance degree, and plan to partner with CCF on future initiatives.



Sock It To SuicideSockit

Rowben Consulting participated in the Sock It To Suicide of the week Monday 13th November. The White Wreath Association is a great organisation who work with families affected by suicide and mental illness

As part of this week, we created a ‘sock puppet show’ to illustrate in a comedic way that there is always someone around.

Thank you to the creative team for doing this: Creative Genius: Danny Hansard, Story Board editor: Clare Holst, Cinematography and Production: Carolyn Inglese, Costumes: Tracee Rowe


Also a big thank you to the Rowben Consulting team who all came into the office for the week in coloured socks and stockings.



Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) – A thank you letter from Touch Srey Sros

Dear Rowben Consulting Team,CCF1

I am very happy to hear from you and also thank you so much for your email. I got your gift and really love them so much. I want to say thanks again and again for your gift and support me.

Now I am studying at Royal University of Law and Economic, majoring Finance and Banking. I really love to study this subject as I want to work in banks or finance institutions.

When I was at high school, I really wanted to study at the university because I wanted to get high education and a good job. I also wanted to help my family and others.

I have been at University for a few months and I am finding that life at university is very different from CCF and public school. It is much more challenging than high school.

In high school, l had to study a lot of subjects and spent much time with teachers in class. I had no assignment at all but just only homework for each subject to do at home and I also had to study extra classes. In university, it is very different from high school. I have to do a lot of assignments in group with my friends in class or sometimes need to set the meeting outside to do it. The lecturers just explain the lesson a little bit and I have to do more research into the course books or internet at home. I have already started my class for three months and I have not finished my midterm test yet. Also, I am going to have a final exam in April for semester one. In this semester, I have to study five subjects such as Political Economic, English, Computer, General Culture and Geography of Economic and Human. Out of the five subjects, I really enjoy studying English and Computer class.

I have moved to stay in CCF’s Transitional Home since December 2014; the place where only 23 university students are staying there. I feel comfortable to stay there as it is quiet, easy to self-study as I can share with other university students who study the same subject. I really love the environment there.

In addition, I would love to express my grateful thanks to Rowben consulting team for providing support to me. Finance and banking is the field that I really love and wish to work in the future. I am really grateful to CCF who cares and help getting my life out of the darkness.

Thank you so much!