At Rowben Consulting it is our aim to establish and develop long term relationships with our clients who genuinely believe in the service and value we offer. We wish to engage our clients in genuine partnerships around their recruitment needs. Our strong candidate pools enables us to quickly provide a service to our clients.

As a client we work with our client within the following process:
  • A detailed job briefing session to discuss the requirement in depth using our job qualification process (face to face, time permitting).
    • Includes consulting advice/feedback on the brief; e.g. likelihood of finding the ideal candidate, rate/salary expectations, availability of candidates, abundance/rarity of skills
  • Recruitment plan established including time frames, milestones and deadlines, etc. (customised to client’s requirements).  May include testing or other qualification processes
  • Resourcing plan devised; including advertising, search & selection
  • Client gets regular updates as agreed in the recruitment plan
  • No more than three profiles presented to the client by the agreed date
  • Interview process beings
  • Successful candidate is offered and start date agreed
  • Rowben contacts both parties on Day 1 and regularly beyond that to ensure smooth sailing
  • Post-Placement review at circa 3 months