Why your business should call in the talent experts

We’ve all heard the refrain – an organisation is only as strong as its people. It couldn’t be more true. Getting the right people on board is one of the best ways to help ensure your business is positioned to deliver and grow.

In the 20 years I’ve been in the industry, I’ve heard recruitment agencies labelled many things. Expensive and unnecessary crop up a bit, as does a ‘necessary evil’.

Sometimes these opinions are borne out of a bad experience with the wrong agency. However, more often than not, I hear these views from people who’ve never engaged an agency or explored the benefits of doing so.

And the benefits are numerous. Because, when it comes to people, it’s our job to be experts. We’re not ‘job fillers’ who throw resumes in the hope that one might stick. If you connect with the right agency, you’re engaging with value-adding professionals who understand their role and your business. They are highly networked and work hard to find you talent that will complement, build and shape your organisation.

It’s often easy to dismiss commentary on the positive impact that a quality recruitment company can have. But the ongoing partnerships we create with our clients and candidates – and partnerships are the best way to describe them – are a testament to our ability to consistently deliver. Whether your organisation has a sophisticated talent strategy or is just starting out, the right agency will listen and work hard to find what you need by interpreting your briefs, translating requirements and identifying and securing the best candidates quickly.

So why engage us when you’re looking for the right talent? We add significant value.

  • Recruitment is our profession – it’s our job to maintain networks and keep in touch with quality candidates in a wide range of markets, whether technology or industry specific.
  • We take the time to understand your organisation so we’re positioned to fill your brief. This also means we can communicate your strengths and qualities to candidates who might not know your organisation or haven’t previously considered it to be an employer of choice.
  • Employing the wrong person can be an expensive mistake for your business, in both financial and outcome-delivery terms. With our connections and industry knowledge, we’re positioned to identify quality candidates that you’re unlikely to otherwise find. This includes candidates for urgent roles, or for roles requiring niche or complex skills sets that your internal recruitment strategy has been unable to identify.
  • Recruiting the right people is a time-intensive process. Engaging an effective recruitment agency allows you to stay focussed on your core business while we find you quality candidates.
  • Unfilled positions can have significant negative business impacts. We can help when you’re not able to keep up with internal demands to fill roles.
  • We will work hard for you – there’s no fee payable unless we make a placement because we’re confident in our ability to find you the right talent fit.

How do you make sure you get most out of a partnership with a recruitment agency?

  • Make sure you completely engage with us – this means letting us meet with you so we have an in-depth understanding of your organisation and your requirements.
  • Try to give us enough time to really get to your know your organisation and form a strong partnership – your business needs are individual, and we need to understand the candidate attributes that your specific organisation requires.
  • Make sure you give our agency enough information about a role so we can work effectively to secure the right person – a bare minimum requirements brief risks a bad fit.
  • Set parameters and tell us what your expectations are. We are professionals too, and clear, open communication allows us to deliver quality service.

Next time you’re reviewing your talent strategy, consider how a recruitment agency could positively contribute to it. Ask yourself – what does a recruitment agency know about the market that we don’t? How can their industry knowledge, connections and experience help bring value to our organisation?

As subject matter and market experts, great talent is our bread and butter. You might be wise to try a slice.


Why your business should call in the talent experts – Tracee Rowe – August 2016