A Change Career Roadmap

A Change Career Roadmap

Organisational Change Management has come a long way in recent years. Fully-fledged change management capabilities are more present than ever in most large organisations.

What’s prompted this shift?

Senior Managers and Executives were sick of spending millions on massive system implementations that a majority of new employees didn’t know about, didn’t care to use, or chose not to use due to a lack of consultation or understanding of the benefits.  Relying solely on press conferences and public memos to introduce widespread organisational change is impersonal and not conducive to modern organisations that preach agility and transparency.

An interesting thought, however, is how people found themselves being Organisational Change Managers in the first place…

Networking with change professionals and understanding their career paths has been an extremely interesting and intriguing experience.  I’ve found there’s rarely a natural path of promotion –  you don’t find an abundance of Junior or Associate Change Analysts, who became Change Analysts, who became Change Managers, who became Change Leads, who became Heads of Change.  This is because Organisational Change is such a multidisciplinary field; it encompasses stakeholder management and handling resistance, deep analysis, communications, training, learning and development, organisational development and much more.  Many people who call themselves Organisational Change Managers today are only now realising how much change-related work they’ve done in past roles, and this is what makes them such a diverse bunch.

Below are some common examples I’ve found of paths taken to eventually become change practitioners:

  • Analyst => Process Analyst => Business Analyst => Change Analyst => Change Manager
  • HR Analyst => HR Manager => Change Lead => Change Manager
  • Marketing Intern => Marketing Communications Analyst => Communications Manager => Change & Communications Manager
  • Learning & Development Officer => Learning & Development Lead => Training Manager => Change & Training Manager
  • Project Coordinator => Senior Project Analyst => Project Manager => Change Manager

As these varied paths demonstrate, there really are a lot of ways into the world of change management.

Ben Robinson and Rowben Consulting – September 2017