What makes a great Claims Professional?

What makes a great Claims Professional?

Your house.  Your car.  Your health.  Even your cat.  These days, you can insure them almost all.

And should you (or your feline) have to lodge a claim?  You’ll speak to a Claims Professional – the people at your insurance company tasked with detailing, investigating and resolving your issue.  Sitting within the operational areas of medium-to-large scale organisations, a Claims Professional will gather all your claim details and assess this information in line with relevant policies and legislation.

After setting up a dedicated insurance team in 2008, Rowben Consulting has established strong connections within the insurance industry, forming ongoing partnerships with a broad range of organisations that offer life, general, health and workers compensation insurance.  We scout the best insurance talent for these organisations, and quality Claims Professionals are always in demand.

Being one of the most varied roles in the insurance industry, Claims Professionals have to be multi-skilled masters and wear many hats.

Often confronted with clients who are facing stressful or difficult situations, the ability to remain calm, listen and empathise are vital ingredients.  Strong customer service and interpersonal skills are a must, as you’ll be communicating daily with a range of claimants.  You also have to be able to work independently and mange your time well.  Strong analytical skills and attention to detail are essential, with these skills becoming increasingly important as you progress to senior positions and become involved in more complex claim investigations.  Good administrative skills are also needed, with the best Claims Professionals able to keep their files up-to-date, draft clear and precise documentation, and write claim notes that read like a story.

You also need to have legal nous, be a skilled negotiator and have a healthy dose of common sense.

With insurance companies required to meet new and evolving market demands, these companies are also focussed on finding agile and flexible employees capable of adapting to change.  Quality Claims Professionals also look to grow and learn, seeking out opportunities to improve their knowledge around handling more complex and varied claims and securing fair outcomes.

We sometimes hear misconceptions about Claims Professionals that seriously underestimate the level of skill you need to succeed in this role.  While there are no educational qualifications specifically required to become a Claims Professional at first, the wide range of attributes essential to performing the role are vital.  So, should you have this varied skill-set, make sure you consider your options in the claims area – chances are you will have a great opportunity to carve out a successful and rewarding career.


Author – Mark Harris – 2016