How do you promote a healthy office?

How do you promote a healthy office?

The list mirrored a house-hunting checklist.  Central location.  Functional layout.  Outdoor space.  Good natural light.  But when Rowben Consulting relocated to a larger office almost four years ago, these were some of our top priorities.  And it made sense – if they’re the things people look for in a home, we were confident our people would benefit if their workplace had the same attributes.

A healthy workforce is a productive and happy one, and we believe good health goes beyond food and exercise.  In dealing with job stressors – and in recruitment there are many – being part of a positive, healthy workplace can help set your employees up to respond constructively.

We’re committed to fostering an office environment that prioritises employee wellbeing and encourages work-life balance.  This strong focus has seen employee wellbeing become an ingrained part of Rowben’s culture.

We believe all organisations, no matter how big or small, should encourage and support employee wellbeing and promote work-life balance.

We continually promote a healthy office by:

  • encouraging our employees to spend time in our office’s Egg Chair, where team members can reset through meditation or even take a nap (yes, really!)
  • keeping healthy snacks in the kitchen and having fresh fruit delivered weekly
  • having lots of dedicated spaces where people can get away from their desks to have lunch, whether it’s sitting on the couch and talking, watching TV or getting outside on our balcony
  • fostering an environment where team members are encouraged to get moving in the middle of the day, be it going to the gym, taking a run or just walking around our beautiful city
  • developing and training the team to be efficient and productive during core hours so they can leave on time and enjoy life outside of work
  • encouraging incidental exercise and other healthy habits – all our employees have stand/sit desks and can often be found walking the six floors up to our office
  • providing employees with a 20 minute massage once a month
  • building and maintaining a trusting environment that encourages team members to call out if things are getting too much so we can provide help and support.

Do you strive to promote a healthy office?  What are your top tips for success?


Author – Tracee Rowe – 2016