Smiling Minds has come to Rowben Consulting

Egg Chair

Smiling Mind – Workshops

The new chair definitely raised some eyebrows. Giant and egg-shaped, it was a distinctive departure from the generic office furniture that otherwise littered our floor.

But the installation of this ‘60s seating icon in a lonely corner of the office wasn’t a fashionable fit-out choice.  It’s become a place where members of our team can de-stress, re-group and put into practice the invaluable mindfulness techniques we’ve learnt care of Smiling Mind.

Smiling Mind is an organisation doing incredibly important work – while it provides corporate workshops for a fee, the not-for-profit organisation delivers free web and app-based mindfulness programs to the broader public.  These psychologist-designed programs are specifically designed to deliver increased clarity, calm and contentment, positively impacting the lives of young Australians.

As with other professions that have significant time and performance pressures, stress is a reality in recruitment. Over the many years I’ve been involved in the industry, I’ve seen consultants, managers and business owners – including myself – use various (often unsuccessful) ways to handle these pressures. I wanted the Rowben Consulting team to have the right tools at their disposal, and the Smiling Mind program seemed to be the right fit.

When I told the team we were going to embark on mindfulness training, the reception was upbeat.  At first, I wondered if this reaction was merely relief that our latest wellbeing initiative didn’t involve completing a half marathon.  But the enthusiasm with which the team has embraced the program, and the positive impact it’s having on all of us, has clearly demonstrated its value to our people and our organisation.

Our amazing facilitator, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Consultant Emily Toner, introduced us to the science behind mindfulness and taught us key techniques.  The team has also been given access to the Smiling Mind Corporate App, which offers a range of mindfulness and meditation programs from one to 15 minutes in length.  These programs have enabled us to practically implement the skills we learnt during our workshops both at work and at home.

Feedback from the team so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  We’ve only just started, but already they report feeling that bit calmer and better positioned to handle what their day throws at them – both  corporate and otherwise.  And that distinctive new chair?  It’s in regular use.

Author – Tracee Rowe – 2016