Well Being and Incentive Program – 2018

Rowben Consulting is committed to encouraging, supporting, training and developing all members of our team. We do this in an environment where work / life balance is actively promoted and where the wellbeing of each member of the team is always considered.

We value the contributions made by our team members that make our company great – whether this is through exceptional work performance, modelling our company’s values or a commitment to team work.

This Well Being and Incentive program is designed to acknowledge and foster these important contributors.

This program is designed to acknowledge and promote the following: –

  1. Wellbeing
  2. Teamwork
  3. Ownership of Personal Success
  4. Delivery of a Quality Recruitment Serivce
  5. Ongoing Marketing of our Business
  6. Training

Our program was developed through various brainstorming discussions with the team.