My journey into the world of technical IT recruitment

I still remember when I was offered a position with Rowben Consulting. Working with a specialist IT recruitment agency was something I’d always wanted to do; it’s an area that’s long piqued my interest.

But I’m the first to admit it – I’m not the most tech-savvy person going around.  I’d done some recruitment in the past, but that was in a completely different sector (Engineering and Mining Trades). So, as I mentally prepared for my first day at my new workplace, I reflected on my rather rudimentary knowledge of the IT industry.  Where was I supposed to start?

Thankfully, I walked into an environment that was set up to support me.  Through work on active and live roles, I built up my technical knowledge of the wide range of IT verticals.  Along with mentoring by senior colleagues, I’ve been able to immerse myself in a different area of specialisation and learn what I need to know, one position at a time.

I’m fortunate that most people I speak with while working on roles have been very generous with their time and explanations.  They understand that my role as a technical recruiter doesn’t mean I have to know what they do at a highly technical level.  I don’t purport to be a subject-matter expert in this space – I’ll leave that to the practitioners themselves.

I’ve discovered that, despite my initial concerns, I’m not expected to understand of all of the technical nitty gritty.  My role is to really understand requirements; I need to know enough to effectively find qualified people that have the skill sets our clients seek.  Recruitment is fundamentally about people; identifying talent and facilitating dialogue.  I need to be able to discern a functional consultant from technical consultant, and a good consultant from a great one.

With that said, through consultative meetings with my manager over the past six months, I have settled an area of specialisation to focus on going forward – the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space.  I’ve had many conversations with people employed in this area and have been fortunate to work on a number of CRM roles.  In doing so, I’ve made some serious in-roads in terms of learning about the CRM market.  I also feel like there’s a whole lot more for me to learn, and I’m excited about the challenges that lie ahead.


Steven Chung  August 2017