In Pursuit of the Paperless Office (One Timesheet at a Time)

In Pursuit of the Paperless Office (One Timesheet at a Time)

Thirty years ago, people were talking about the ‘paperless office’ of the future.  With the rise of computers and associated tools such as email, the word on the street was that paper would soon be obsolete.

Flash forward to now and, across the globe, we’re actually using more paper per capita than ever before.

Thankfully, Rowben Consulting is bucking that trend.

When I first started with Rowben Consulting nine years ago, timesheets were faxed into us.  They were then printed out before being manually entered into a spreadsheet so we could calculate payroll.  Invoices for these timesheets were also manually generated before being printed and posted to our clients.  The net result – we used a lot of paper!

After reviewing options to streamline this process, we introduced a fully-integrated online timesheet and invoicing system around three years ago.  All timesheets are now submitted and approved online.  Once timesheets are approved, the system generates the relevant invoices, with these invoices then emailed on to our clients.

No more paper required!  Given we’ve processed over 20,000 timesheets in the past nine years, that’s a very good thing.

Rowben Consulting’s Finance Team – saving the environment one timesheet at a time.

Cheryl Jones – April 2017