What Digital is… to me!

I’ve been reading quite a few articles lately that have tried to define what “digital” means.  But it’s a tricky thing to pin down.  The reality is, “digital” is an environment that’s changing so quickly that, by the time we think we’ve worked out what it means, the landscape has shifted again.

The areas of digital that are really exciting for me are the ones that have an emphasis on customer engagement.  How are companies improving customer experiences across their digital channels to enhance the lives of their consumers?

I’ve been watching The Block this season and I can’t help but draw parallels between the reality TV series and Agile delivery in the digital space to improve customer engagement… please, stay with me.

Contestants (Agile teams) are brought in to renovate houses (create products) for a potential buyer (customer).  Each week (Sprint) they are asked to renovate rooms (develop features) and they are given weekly feedback (Sprint Review) on how they are progressing towards creating a home for the targeted buyer. With this feedback, they’re able to make changes and adapt their approach and style so the end product has the best chance of selling at auction.

Companies are recognising the important role that digital platforms can play in customer interactions with their brand.  This isn’t just when a customer makes a purchase or claim; it’s about using digital platforms to build long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships with customers.

The companies that are excelling in digital customer engagement are those that are focusing on user experience, design thinking, strategic planning and agile and lean delivery models.  Getting products to market faster and encouraging customer feedback allows these companies to continually add value to the customer experience.

To draw another analogy from my obsession with The Block: companies with the mindset of “build it and they will come” are being left behind by those with a “continue to renovate and they will stay” mentality.

I’m looking forward to seeing which organisations continue to strive for excellence in customer experiences (and also excited to see which couples win up big on auction day!).

Briana Adams 2017