What We do

At Rowben Consulting we don’t just use words, we have a demonstrated history of providing recruitments services to many of Melbourne’s leading organisations. Our clients and candidates come back to us because we are about long term relationships and we are about knowledge and expertise in what we do. We train and develop our team at Rowben Consulting to understand, not only the recruitment processes and practices, but to also develop an intimate knowledge of the market and skills that sit within their area of specialisation.

We are professionals and provide a professional service. Our roles are to talk to people day in and day out. To develop our networks and our understanding of the market so that we are able to provide guidance and consulting to our clients and candidates on what is going on.

As we are specialist we are able to have access to broader passive markets where candidates traditionally are not ‘seeking work’ but will move for the right opportunity.

Being proactive as opposed to reactive allows us to truly consultative in the way we approach our service. We actually know what we are talking about and we pass this information on.