Recruiting for Amazon – World Wide Advertising Group (and finding people their dream jobs)

Rowben Consulting’s Owner and Director, Tracee Rowe, talks about her experience recruiting for a global powerhouse.

Amazon – you might have heard of it.  After starting out as an online bookstore, it’s grown to become the biggest Internet retailer in the world.  Add to that the production of consumer electronics (think the Kindle) and even a foray into the world of music streaming.  With all these successful ventures, it really is no wonder that Amazon is the world’s fourth most valuable public company and the number one most reputable company in the US.

 It’s also little wonder that demand for employment with Amazon is high – incredibly so.  It regularly rates in the top five most desirable companies that people want to work for, alongside organisations like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google.

Since early 2015, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with Amazon World Wide Advertising Group to help our local candidates secure positions with the company at its Seattle headquarters.

The process to secure a role with Amazon is undoubtedly gruelling.  However, applicants who have gone through the recruitment process consistently report that, while they’ve found it challenging, it’s also been incredibly rewarding.  Even those who have not ultimately secured positions report that the experience has been a valuable learning and growth opportunity, with many looking to apply again in the future.

Many of the people recruited through Rowben Consulting say their appointment with Amazon has represented the achievement of a career dream.  It has been incredibly rewarding for me to facilitate these opportunities and go through the experience with them.

I recently spoke with the people who Rowben Consulting has placed with Amazon.  Now living in Seattle, I found out a bit more about their interview experiences, their new roles and life in the state of Washington.  Here’s what they reported:

  • Expect the interview process with Amazon to be long, thorough and challenging. But don’t be put off by this – while Amazon seeks out the best talent and wants its people to be challenged, they also have a strong focus on fun and the work is thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Relocating to Seattle was a surprisingly smooth process. Amazon does an excellent job taking care of many details and providing support to facilitate the move.
  • The company and its people are amazing. The skill level of Amazon employees is very high and the environment is extremely productive.
  • Seattle itself also gets a big thumbs up. The nearby ocean and mountains mean endless options for activities, and I’m assured the weather is nowhere near as bad as people say.

If you’re interested in an international move to work for a global leader, make sure you keep an eye out for our next batch of roles with Amazon – you too could end up finding your dream job.

Tracee Rowe – 2016