Success after the Rowben Consulting Graduate Program

But what do our graduates think about the program – and the realities of a career in recruitment?

Rowben Consulting’s Director, Tracee Rowe, spoke with recent program participant, Mark Salamy, about the importance of skills, support and celebrating the small wins.

Mark is a Rowben Consulting graduate success story.  Since completing our graduate program, he’s made the leap from a sourcing role to become a quality Recruitment Specialist.  But, with a commitment to ongoing evaluation and improvement of our program, I wanted to find out more about Mark’s experience with us so far.  What are we doing right?  Where is there room for improvement?

Initial selection for the program was a positive experience, says Mark, citing that feedback was good and the process was efficient, particularly considering it involved three stages.

In terms of the program itself, he found it both valuable and demanding.

“The program itself was structured and flowed well,” he says.  “All of the content had meaning and was interrelated.”

“But it was tiring absorbing all of the information,” he acknowledges.

In terms of moving from a sourcing role to the role of Recruitment Specialist at the conclusion of the program, Mark admits feeling a little out of his depth.  Despite having worked on roles for other senior Consultants in a sourcing capacity, he noticed a distinct difference when he progressed and was required to take the lead on roles.

“The fact is that, in recruitment, you’re dealing with people, and people can be difficult at times.  Ultimately, you are held responsible for the actions of others.”

While managing this can be tough, he says, it also means a role in recruitment is typified by variety.

“You get to do a lot of things and meet a lot of people,” he explains.  “You come in each day – for better or worse – and you’ve never quite sure what to expect.”

“I’ve found it incredibly challenging, but also enjoyable,” he says.

So what are the ingredients he sees as necessary to succeed in the industry and handle the inevitable challenges?

“Patience, persistence and resilience,” says Mark.

Mark also cites ongoing support as essential, and says he found this to be a key ingredient of Rowben’s graduate program.

“Transparent, quality management and exceptional support from all members of the senior Rowben Consulting team has helped me a lot,” he explains.

But that need for support doesn’t end when the graduate program is completed, he says.  Support needs to be ongoing and successes (even if they’re minor) should be celebrated – an approach which Rowben Consulting embraces.

“After you complete the program, you still need consistent and open communication.  There needs to be recognition that there’s still a lot to learn every day, and there has to be opportunities to complete further training when needed,” says Mark.

“Taking a long-term focus is key to success in this role, but acknowledgement of the small wins along the way keeps you motivated and confident,” he says.

“This is what I get from the Rowben team.”

Mark’s assessment of the program overall?  Well-structured and an invaluable opportunity to learn about what it takes to be a successful recruitment consultant.  Along with the ongoing training, Mark says the program has provided him with the foundation he needs to become an effective, long-term recruiter.

But he cautions that the training can only take you so far.

“While it gives you the knowledge and skills you need, at the end of the day, it comes down to your willingness to do it – to apply the skills yourself, to keep applying them and being resilient,” he explains.

“The training shows you how to do things, and the theory work is great, but in the end, the onus is on you to apply it.”

 Tracee Rowe and Mark Salamy – October 2016