Today, Rowben Consulting turns 12.

Today, Rowben Consulting turns 12.

 The past 12 months at Rowben Consulting have been big; in fact, they’ve been our best ever.  Our team of specialist recruiters, working together with our strong client and candidate base, have produced outstanding results.

But our 12th anniversary prompted me to reflect.  Like all companies, we’ve had our share of ups and downs, and the work required to keep everything running smoothly is immense.  I must admit, there have been times when I’ve wondered if it’s all worth it.

The past year has reiterated that, for me, the answer will always be yes.  I’m just so proud of this company, my dedicated team and the work that we do – both in business and in our community.

Through the successes and the challenges, I’ve learnt a lot.  Number one – believe in yourself, no matter what.  Then work hard, trust your instincts and focus on what’s important.

This approach has helped me concentrate on some key factors:  delivering exceptional service, growing our business, developing our team, looking after our employees and contributing to our community.  In all of these areas, we’ve achieved great things.

Delivering exceptional service and growing our business

To make sure Rowben Consulting can deliver the exceptional service we’re known for, we partner with people and organisations that recognise the significant contribution we can make.

As a result, we’re privileged to work with a range of great organisations in Melbourne that share our values.  Many of these companies have been with us since our inception in 2005, and with these clients, we’ve formed true partnerships.  We have a deep understanding of their businesses and are always positioned to find them the right talent.

The past few years have also seen us develop new relationships with other leading Melbourne companies, and we’re well on our way to partnering with these businesses long-term.

We’ve developed equally strong relationships with our candidates.  Great talent is our bread and butter, and we continue to work hard to connect with the industry’s best.

Developing our team

I’m also firmly committed to re-evaluating our business and making improvements – be it to our internal environment or our service delivery.  It’s an approach that’s been key to Rowben Consulting’s development and success to date.

 It was from this evaluation process that our Graduate Program was born.  Implemented over the past two years, the program has been developed in-house by our own recruitment experts.  It’s now fully integrated into our business and is a fundamental component of our talent strategy.  So far, the program has delivered some outstanding graduates who have progressed through to Recruitment Specialist roles and are well on their way to becoming great career recruiters.

Contributing to our community

Supporting others has always been important to me.  Over the years, I have promoted and supported a range of causes and am passionate about Rowben Consulting’s charitable role.

I’m particularly proud of our support of the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF).  While our contribution is small, funding a university degree for Cambodian national Touch Srey Sros through the CCF has been incredibly rewarding.

Throughout each year, you’ll find our team doing charity runs or having a Pink Ribbon breakfast.  We also host BBQs to promote a range of causes, including prostate cancer.

Rowben Consulting is also proud to call Melbourne home so, at Christmas, we focus on local charities that need our help.  We sponsor events such as the Christmas Lunch for Special Children, as well as a giving tree to support youth in the Stonnington area.

Looking after our employees

For me, the past few years have also bought employee wellbeing into sharp focus.  As with other professions that have significant time and performance pressures, stress is a reality in recruitment.  To help address this, we’ve worked hard to promote an organisational culture in which employee wellbeing is ingrained.

In 2016, we started meditating and set up a chill-out space to help us de-stress and re-group throughout the day.  The results have been incredibly positive.

The past year also saw the introduction of a more formalised incentive program for our employees.  Called Our Way, the program makes it clear that Rowben Consulting is committed to encouraging, supporting, training and developing all members of our team.  To this end, the program recognises a range of employee contributions that add value to our organisation – whether it’s exceptional work performance, modelling our company’s values or demonstrating a commitment to team work – while prioritising employee wellbeing and work/life balance.

While aspects of this incentive program have been part of our business for many years, we’ve added some new components.  For example, one new incentive is designed to support employee interests outside recruitment.  This year, each of our employees will be able to attend a non-recruitment course of their choice and Rowben Consulting will pick up the tab.  Be it programming, photography or cooking classes in pursuit of the perfect sponge – we’re happy to support them all.

So what’s next?

As we enter our 13th year in the Melbourne market, I’m committed – as always – to running Rowben Consulting with passion and integrity, and by giving it my all.  Opportunities to further develop the Rowben Consulting brand over the next year are exciting, and we’ll continue to use our expertise and knowledge to help our partners grow and succeed.  Thirteen is lucky for some – thanks to our dedicated team, I’m confident it will be for us.